The Band

Lost N Found is a five piece band from the Okanagan Valley. We all grew up learning the value of a honest days work and our music speaks about our collective life experiences. We put our heart behind each of our songs and play to our country roots.

Jordan Dubyna - Vocals/Guitar

I grew up playing music in church events. At the time, playing guitar seemed like a chore. One day I started writing my own music and it sounded like what was on the radio, I felt a surge of excitement.
I would never have guessed what a huge part music would play in my life. The ups and downs, the friends I would meet. Music was there through it all. I have no idea what the future holds, but I know I will always have this old guitar and these songs I live.

AJ Carlson - Drums

Growing up I would set up pots and pans and play along to music. When I was six years old I started piano lessons and it was there that I found a true passion for music. Learning how to read and write music set up a foundation that would lead me to where I am now. over the years i played at my church and a metal band. Not sure where I transitioned from metal to country, but somehow I ended up here. I am currently studying drums and percussion with local Jazz drumming legend Lonnie Burma. Drumming is one of my greatest passions in life and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Zach Glanz - Vocals/Mandolin

Music has always played a big roll in my life. I started playing at the age 8. In that time somewhere along the line I picked up the mandolin. I started off playing hymns and jamming with my family. When I played my first country gig that set opened up a window of opportunity and gave me a glimpse of hope into a dream of performing and doing what I love that could actually be achieved. Country music legends such as Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Rodney Atkins, Alan Jackson and many more artists have inspired me over the years. Gods given me a gift that I don’t plan on wasting.

Nolan Glanz - Bass

My love for music has been in my heart for as long as I can remember. God put that love in my heart from the very beginning and I am forever grateful that he gave me the talents to play the way I do. The feeling I get walking on stage in front of hundreds of people, pick up my instrument and create a sound that everyone loves and can enjoy is a feeling that I will always cherish. I will never take for granted the gift God has given me and the brothers I can make this music with, And I don’t plan to quit rocking anytime soon.

Andrew Glanz - Electric Guitar

Music has been a part of my family's life for as long as I can remember when I was a kid I couldn't wait to start taking guitar lessons and learn to play guitar like my grandpa. I enjoyed playing music with my family at church and in nursing homes. When we decided to start a band I didn't know what was ahead of me or what the decision to join the band meant for my future, but looking back now I wouldn't trade the brothers I've gained or the friends I've made for anything in the world and would do it all over again in a heart beat.

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